David Léclapart

Back in 2000 David Léclapart received biodynamic certification for his three hectares of vineyard in Trépail, in Montagne de Reims. There is something special about this village: chardonnay dominates the vine landscape, in an area where you usually see pinot noir.

Léclapart considers himself more of a farmer than a winemaker: with his champagnes he shows what is going on in his vineyards. Blending is almost an exception in his portfolio, most of the champagnes are made of grapes from one vintage and one vineyard. 

In cellar Léclapart vinifies and ages his wines (partly) in used oak, fermentation takes place with indigenous yeasts, and the dosage is always (very) low. The use of sulphites is reduced to the minimum.

Gratefully using the chalky soil in Trépail, Léclapart produces elegant, dry and expressive champagnes with nice acidity and a savory impression.

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