The name Egly-Ouriet has been synonymous for high quality for decades. When Francis Egly (1962) took over the family business from his father Michel, in 1980, he immediately focused on artisanal practices: working without pesticides and all the more patience. One can rightfully consider Egly a first generation grower champagne maker, one of the people who gave the wine region such vitality in the last couple of decades. 

Nowadays the domain in grand cru village Ambonnay contains over eleven hectares of vineyards of which about 75 percent has been planted with pinot noir. Chardonnay and meunier make up the smaller part. Most of the vines are decades old. 

Egly likes to pick his fruit late, to make sure the grapes are truly ripe and full of sugar. In cellar no industrial yeast is added to kick off fermentation, which takes place in oak barrels. The base wines stay there until the next summer, while malolactic fermentation is blocked. This way nice acidity keeps the full flavours of the wine well balanced. 

Patience is again key during the next phase: after second fermentation, the champagnes are allowed a minimum of four years on their lees in cellar.

Time and patience reward themselves in the flavour. The Egly-Ouriet champagnes are both lively and full of character, both complex and ripe, yet wonderfully dry: the dosage is always low. The bubbles are soft and subtle, to give way to a Burgundian wine style. 

Taste them quietly, pour them with food, or allow them a few more years in the bottle: Egly-Ouriet champagne is a true joy in the glass.



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