Eric Taillet

In 1956 Daniel Taillet planted his first meunier vines close to Montigny, in the heart of the Marne Valley, on a vineyard called 'le Bois de Binson'. Today his son Eric, who took over the maison in 1995, works this wonderful lieu-dit.

Eric Taillet is a great fan of meunier, the grape variety that thrives in the Marne valley. Meunier is planted on over 80% of his 5.5 hectares of vineyards close to Baslieux-sous-Châtillon. He is the founder of the Meunier Institute which aims to promote the grape variety that, in Champagne, is often a bit overshadowed by chardonnay and pinot noir. 

In his vineyards the champagne maker, who produces around 55.000 bottles on a yearly base, avoids chemical pesticides and encourages the growth of cover crop between the vines. 

Eric Taillet is a perfectionist with an experimental streak, who makes dry champagnes both accessible and full of character.

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