Jacquesson Cuvée 743 magnum (1,5 liter)

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Complex dry champagne with base year 2015 in large bottle
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Cuvee 743 magnum (1.5 liter)

Jacquesson is best known for the 700 series: consecutive champagnes that express the year in which most of the grapes were picked. Not actual vintage champagnes: the base year is blended with reserve wine from previous years. Hence the numbers on the labels. When the makers started the series in 2000 it was the #728 champagnes in the Jacquesson books. 
Cuvee 743 has 2015 as its base year.

The 700 champagnes are complex and full with a nice freshness, exciting and dry. A great companion at the dinner table: serve them with fried fish or a winter dish.

  • style: fresh and complex
  • 57% chardonnay, 22% pinot noir, 21% meunier (33% reserve wine)
  • dosage: 1,5 gr/liter
  • extra brut
  • cellar aging sur lattes: 4 years