l'Atelier Box: meunier

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Meunier: get acquainted with this fantastic grape
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l'Atelier Box: meunier

Chardonnay and pinot noir may generally be considered the stars of Champagne, let's focus on meunier for a change. The grape thrives in the Marne valley where, being a late ripening variety, it is well resistant to spring frost. Not known for its grand cru villages, the valley is a place where great champagne makers cherish meunier.

While chardonnay adds grace and freshness to champagne, and pinot noir structure and strength, meunier is a grape that offers fleshy juiciness: champagnes with a round mouthfeel.

Three of our favorite meunier champagnes come in a box that offers any curious taster a great chance to get to know meunier better. 

These champagnes are in the box:

Eric Taillet: Exclusiv'T Blanc de meunier - fruity dry champagne, a lovely aperitif
André Heucq: Heritage Blanc de meunier - juicy and dry, great with salty food
Dehours: Terre de meunier - dry, layered, with a hint of smokiness: serve it with food

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