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Pinot noir: three very different champagnes
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l'Atelier Box: pinot noir

Pinot noir: one of the pillars under champagne. A small, dark grape variety that likes its environment not too cold. It does great in Montagne de Reims and southern Aube. 

The grape offer some red fruit to the aroma, and gives strength, structure and length to the flavour.

In this box you'll find three champagnes from domains that we love:

- Lacourte Godbillon: Mi-Pentes - in Écueil, Géraldine Lacourte and husband Richard make precise champagnes with lots of freshness. Nice and dry: Mi-Pentes is a lovely aperitif.

- Augustin: Cuvée CCXCI Terre - Marc and Emmanuelle Augustin, based in Avenay, work biodynamically and take biodiversity very seriously. Cuvée CCXCI Terre is a pleasantly complex pinot, serve it with some food. 

- Brocard Pierre: Contrée Noire - in southern Celles-sur-Ource, young Thibaud Brocard prefers to make champagnes from a single grape variety, single vineyard and single vintage year. Contrée Noire is an exciting, slightly funky champagne: serve it with food.

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