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l'Atelier du Champagne

l'Atelier du Champagne will take you on a journey into the world of champagne. A lot has happened in France's northernmost wine region in the past twenty years: grape growers used to sell their harvest to large champagne producers  or cooperatives, now they're increasingly producing their own champagnes. Lucky for us! Because these growers are the ones experimenting with new techniques and flavours. They are now the masters of champagnes with body, expression of terroir, dry styles and distinctive flavours.

These developments have also inspired the established producers, some of whom have been producing top-shelf champagnes for almost three centuries, to update their classics. Champagne makers are responding to the drier tastes of modern wine lovers with lower doses, they are making the choice to switch to organic or biodynamic production, and they're giving their champagnes a new look with modern labels and visually engaging packaging.

Bubbles are booming: the Dutch, too, are pouring a good glass of sparkling wine more and more often. l'Atelier du Champagne is ready to welcome seasoned champagne aficionados, wine lovers who want to know more about the world's most festive wine, and curious tasters.

Our motto: let the bubbles speak!