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The Doyards have been vignerons, or grape growers, for a long time at Vertus, the southermost part of Côte des Blancs. Four generations ago they started making champagne as well. Father Yannick chose to work organically, his son Charles pushed the limits further by implementing biodynamics into the vineyards, including a horse to replace tractors. Charles was generally considered a talented, visionary champagne maker at his sudden death in 2017, aged 31.

His younger brother Guillaume, at that point working in marketing, decided to lead the domain. Now he oversees ten hectares of vineyards in grand cru villages like Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Avize and Cramant and premier cru village Vertus. Here you will find chardonnay everywhere; Doyard grows some pinot noir at Ay. Part of the grape yield is sold off, Doyard produces about 50.000 bottles annually.

The cellar contains quite a few barrels, but this is used oak: Doyard aims to make blanc de blancs with elegant freshness. Malolactic fermentation is blocked in most cases, and champagnes are allowed long resting periods in cellar.

Doyard champagnes are thoughtful yet lively, refined and complex. Will showpiece champagne Vendémiaire easily steal your heart, all cuvees show what precision in vineyard in cellar result in: rich champagne that take your breath away for a moment.