He was a grape grower, producing champagne just for private consumption. Then, in 1936, André Heucq decided to launch a champagne domain bearing his family name. His grandson with the same name chose an unusual direction in the seventies: biodynamics. Against the backdrop of increasing mechanisation in agriculture, Andre Heucq wanted a greener way of working. 

The fourth generation, Alexandre and Fanny Heucq, follows this path and takes it a bit further. The family in Cuisles, on the north shore of the Marne, generate their own electricity, catch rainwater and recycle water used in the cellars. In the vineyards they use cow horn preparations, cow manure and the lunar calendar. The moon is found on the labels, between the words 'nature' and 'terroir'.

The Heucq label - redesigned in 2011 - shows a prominent 'H' for the family name, drawn in such a way that it reads a '4' at the same time, a reference to the four elements earth, water, fire and air. 

The soil around Cuisles contains a thick layer of illite clay, a green clay that retains water very well - an advantage in an area that receives less rainwater than the surrounding villages. 

Meunier is the number one grape in the Marne valley and in the Heucq wines. Exciting and juicy, rich and refined: Heucq produces exceptional, gastronomic champagnes. 


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